*These coats can be purchased here or from RRCUS directly with other merchandise.  

*All coats will have a patch with the 2022 Nationals logo on them. 

These coats are exclusively for the Rhodesian Ridgeback National Specialty of 2022.

Slip Leads

Custom Slip Leads with Logo

Lined with fleece on the collar and handle. Choose 12, 14, 16 or 18 inch length by measuring the circumference right behind the ears and subtracting 2 to 3 inches. Please let us know if you need help choosing the correct size.

$50 each

Rain Coats

Layer of fleece under the coat and top material is waterproof with a hood. These are lightweight and warm with a hood to cover the dog’s head. Logo patch sewn on the back side of the coat. Measure from point of shoulders to end of back.

Colors: Orange or Yellow

Large: 24"L $67.50
X-Large: 26"L $67.50
XX-Large: 28"L $77.50

*When sizing you want to generally round DOWN in size for the cool coats and UP in size for a winter or raincoat. For example, a 70lb bitch would be perfect for a large cool coat a

**Measure the length from the withers on the dog to the end of the back.

Winter coats are available in orange or yellow.  These coats have a warm fur collar and a double layer of lining to keep your dog nice and warm on those bitter cold winter walks.  The white trim in the middle of the coat is a bright reflective tape.   They are also made of water-proof material inside and out. They have a velcro closure in the front and a wide velcro strap under the belly. 

 Large 24" long and XL 26" long $102 / XXL 28" long $121.25

Most common size for Ridgebacks is XL.  Girls mostly wear XL for the full coverage and most males fit XL nicely.  These coats run a little big.  The XXL winter coat will fit LARGE males.

Cool coats 

Medium (17" wide x 21" long) $73.75 each
Medium + (17” wide x 23” long) $73.75 each

Large (24" wide X 24" long) $73.75 each
Large + (24” wide X 26” long) $73.75 each
**These are the most common sizes for Ridgebacks.
Large fits most females around 70lbs
Large + fits males

XL (26" wide X 26" long) $93.75 each
XL + (26” wide X 28” long) $93.75 each
XL fits large males
XL + fits large long males

These have an adjustable strap with clips across the chest and under the belly. 

If you are not attending the speciality this year we would be happy to ship you any of these items!

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