These fleece dog coats are made with a double layer of fleece and will keep your dog nice and warm on winter days.  These dog coats for winter are very durable and stylish.


Extra Small  12" long (from point of shoulders to end of back)

Small 14"

Medium Short 17"  /  Medium 21"

Large 24"   /  XL  26"

XX Large 28" long

If you don't see the pattern or color you are looking for please let us know and usually we have it available.

SOME patterns to choose from

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fleece dog coats

Current sale 15% off any NFL patterns that are in stock.


Extra Small $30.00

Small $30.00

Medium  / Med Short $38.00

Large $45

X Large $50

XX Large $57

Add $10 each for sports fabric. 

Any solid color is available.

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