Cost is per set, individuals available upon request.

Shiny Spandex

$40.00 X Small - Basenji

$45 Small -Whippet

$50 Medium - Ibizan, Pharoah, Saluki, Afghan, small female Ridgeback

$55 Large - Rhodesian Ridgeback, Greyhound

$60 X Large - Wolfhound

Shiny Muscle Set

Lure Coursing Jackets & Slip Leads

Muscle Sets

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Slip leads $35 ea any size.​ Please include the measurement of your dogs neck along with your order.

Measure the circumference right behind the ears.  Choose the lead color (green, blue or black) and pick your ribbon and note the item # on the pictures below. These are lined with fleece on the collar and handle.  Lead is 4' long unless you request a different length.

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