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Our fleece coats are warm and cozy.  They are made of a double layer of fleece and secure on the chest and belly.

Our cool coats are made of a smooth highly absorbent synthetic material with a gorgeous spandex print on top.  This coat stays cool for hours.  They work extremely well to keep your dog cool or to help absorb water from the dogs coat. 

We offer custom dog Jammies made of cozy soft fleece.  What is nice about these Jammies is they are fitted to your dog so they won't bunch or slide off.





Crate covers

On a chilly winter afternoon, we noticed how much happier our dogs were wrapped up in a blanket, and an idea occurred to us.  Rather than playing a losing battle of tug of war for a bigger portion of OUR blankets, it seemed easier to give them their own jammies to help keep them warm.  The stubborn legs that refused to make it easy to take them off and the eyes that begged for the jammies back every time they had to give them up for a quick washing told us we had to give them more than one, and we suddenly had a small wardrobe of jammies.  Quickly, friends and family were eager to try them out for their dogs too.  We found that these jammies were perfect for dogs without a thick coat or with little to no undercoat, and the idea for Fashion Furward Dog was born.
Each custom item for your dog is proudly handmade from our home to yours. Our desire is to make each one as individual and special as your dog, perfectly fitting his or her personality.  We are committed to creating high quality items and paying attention to the details that your best friend deserves.  We want you both to be thrilled with our products and enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them for you.

Our crate covers fold into a convenient carrying bag.  They snap together at the corners and have a window to provide more airflow if needed.  Choose more below to see the beautiful fabrics we have available.

Our Jammie sets make and excellent gift for your dog lover friends.  Check out the three different colors we offer these in.

Fashion Furward Dog 

You will find our bloomers are flexible for a perfect fit for your girl!  We have some fun fabrics.  Please click more below to see.


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