Jammies are fleece pullovers.  They are warm and cozy for your dogs on those cold winter nights.


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This sizing chart is to give you an idea of the measurements.  The large that you see above is the most common for Ridgebacks.  We can easily make mediums, XL and custom sizes for any breed.

XS  $18.00

Small $20.00

Medium $25.00

Large $30

X Large $35

XX Large $40

Add $10 each for sports fabric.


If you don't see the pattern or color you are looking for please let us know and usually we have it available.

Extra Small  length 11" girth 14" 

Small length 14" girth 20"

Medium length 23" girth 36"

Large length 25" girth 40"

Ex Large length 26" girth 40"

XX Large length 30" girth 44"

(Length is 2 on the diagram and girth is 5)

SOME patterns to choose from


NFL team fabric currently available.

Any solid color is available.

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